Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let's Abandon Hope

The reasons we've forged out of unreason
Adding meaning where there was meant to be none
Painting a make-believe goal, forging a dream
With bits of tinsel, blobs of paint and lies
Pretending to not know that the road ahead
Loops around and brings us back right here
Calling it a journey, stringing beads of hope
While all we do is to count time as it passes
On the rosary of uneventful days and years
Burnt dreams, ashes of hopes and nauseous time

Friday, August 28, 2009

Burning Bricks

A day stretches out like a line of burning bricks
And a way around them, there is none
So we climb atop them with nimble steps
And race to the very last one, with the hope
That blisters, may not exacerbate the ache
And that the night may end not soon.

The Parting

Pens have abandoned my calloused fingers
Spluttering and slipping, sipping sweet revenge
My ears, accustomed to the monotonous tapping
Of livelihood machines, of lifeless words on a screen
Take offence to the sound of a pen's earthy scratch
Our relationship is turbulent, I grab then abandon
I take and reject, and they have now rebelled
I have, with my callousness, wounded their fragile pride.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Cobble-stoned streets and dark, grey smoke
I smell of old tobacco and longing
Parched lips refuse to budge or part
And I let them be; the blisters on my feet
Cling tight and weep big steaming tears
The ruthless sky above pours out
Liquid steel in furious streams
Every soul is lonely tonight, Can't you smell
Their pungent desperation and bleary eyes
Gypsies will not have me with them
I speak and smell of a foreigner
Hippies crouch together to sleep, I'm not them
Wild peregrine with nothing to give
Nothing to share, no tales to amuse anyone with
No mysteries to drape me, it's just the dirt
Of lifeless machines, ripping and roaring
Grinding hope to a fine, blue dust.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Monsoon has trudged in yet again
The desolate sky bursts out into grey tears
Its wails lash against the panes of my heart
Memories of lonesome days and nights
Flood my senses, as I wait, in despair
For the shrieks to subside into painful silence

Monday, May 5, 2008


In your wrinkled skin, I find my nest
Walking into the bosom of a raging sea
When all is dark and dismal, threatening
Your gnarled hand on mine, placed softly
Daddy, I can fight the big, bad world
Your tired hair, all salt and pepper
Your aching joints, the stiff knees
The loose skin hanging in a pouch
From every frown and caress, I draw
Immense strength, Daddy, I am home

At Your Door

I have knocked my knuckles off
And left imprints of skin in blood
I did call out, cry and plead
But your door refused to budge

I shall trace my lonely steps back
Do not reach out for me or weep
I shall return wherefrom I came
To melt into careworn sleep